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The Worst Camera

Written by Henry on August 15th, 2010

All my friends and family know that I won’t shut up about my iPhone.  I keep trying to convince people to get one.  I tell people it’ll change their life.  I really want to get the new iPhone 4 but I can’t justify buying it when the oldest version (which I still use) works just as well.  It’s true, it doesn’t take video, it doesn’t have a great camera, there’s no flash, I can’t even send picture texts but it does everything else just fine.  I recently took a road trip and uploaded pictures along the way.  They weren’t the greatest but it was nice to shoot without the need of a laptop to process photos or even wi-fi to upload them.

Today I was reading one my favorite blogs TWIP – This Week In Photo and saw that they had a post about an iPhone Fashion Photo Shoot done by another photography blog called FStoppers.  It’s a great blog with tons of videos and articles about just getting out there and shooting.  I especially liked this video because it’s about how you can get great photos with good lighting, a little touching up, but not necessarily a great camera.

Okay, they had great lighting, but all that really means is that if you don’t have expensive lighting you may have to buy a few reflectors and go outside and shoot.  I hope this inspires someone to just get out and start shooting with any camera.


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