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Project 365 #23

Written by Henry on January 24th, 2011

And now back by popular demand, the shortest Project 365 ever. I’m sorry I missed one day, which turned into a weekend, which turned into more than a month. I’m gonna give this another try…

The following picture isn’t one that I took but one that I’ve been meaning to post for a while. It’s a shot of a couple of friends and I at Timberline Ski Resort at Mt.Hood, Oregon. This photo was taken with what seems like the first digital camera ever made. My iPhone can take better pictures. (Ok, maybe not my iPhone.) That doesn’t matter though because it was good enough to take a picture then, that I still have today, and can now post online. In the end, that’s why we take pictures; to share them with others, to remember the good times and the bad. Luckily this was a good day, not the best snow, only a few lifts were running, but we were on the snow very early in the season.

Project 365 #23

Project 365 #23

The guy on the right is my friend Jessie. He was the guy that started it all, he got us into this but because of him we’ve also gotten a lot of other people out on the snow. The most recent were the Pinkowski boys which will probably be teaching us a few things soon.

The guy on the left is my friend Riley. He pushes us all. I don’t know too many people that ride with broken bones and a torn meniscbcbwabzrsjnok; yes, that’s a medical term.

In the middle, that’s me.

I love this shot and hope to get an updated version sometime this year. I just hope we remember to take our goggles off…


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  1. elena says:

    please tell me you got picks of the Pinkowski boys ‘on the snow’!

  2. admin says:

    Not yet but hopefully soon!

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