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Project 365 #42

Written by Henry on February 21st, 2011

Lately Ozzy hasn’t been too excited to eat breakfast or dinner. A couple years ago he made sure to never miss a meal. He even tricked me into feeding him at lunch. Well, the other day I came home for lunch and as I walked in I noticed that Ozzy was sittin’ by the kitchen staring at something. At first I thought he was sitting in front of the heater like he usually does. But as I turned the corner into the kitchen I saw this…

Project 365 #42 - Ozzy boycotts his breakfast

Project 365 #42 - Ozzy boycotts his breakfast

I’m sorry for the grainy photo but this is the only camera I had on me. Ozzy had been fed in the morning and instead of eating his breakfast, he tipped over his bowl and just sat there staring at it. As I pulled out my camera he looked back at me with this look like, “Yeah, I did that, what?” What was I supposed to do but take a picture. I’m not falling for this. He’s so picky!!!


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