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Project 365 #45

Written by Henry on February 21st, 2011

A lot of professional photographers talk about making mistakes when they first get into this business. They talk about making mistake after mistake and to never stop shooting because it’s the only way to learn and get better. Well I’ve had my fair share of mistakes back when I started shooting and one major screw up the other day.

While shooting in a dark comedy club for a client, I didn’t make sure to attach a lens to my camera correctly. My camera wasn’t focusing correctly so I went outside to get a better look. About a minute later it fell off. Well it’s a very expensive lens so I just froze when it happened. When I finally picked it up after pretty much letting it bounce around on concrete I noticed a big dent on one end and some scratches on the other. I hadn’t even been shooting for more than 20 minutes. I picked up the lens put it on the camera and it seemed to work. I just wanted to finish shooting and go home to see how much damage there really was. The lens seemed to work fine for the rest of the night so I didn’t think much of it until the next day.

When I finally got a good look at all the damage the next morning, all I could think of was how much it was going to cost to fix. I didn’t want to call Canon because it takes too long to send away and fix so I called a local camera store; Kenmore Camera. They referred me to another local camera repair shop to get a quote and maybe even fix it. I decided to give them a try first since I really had nothing to lose at this point.

The Camera Clinic, a shop in Shoreline, WA. gave me a quote and said not to worry about my lens, they could fix it, they just needed a few days. I can’t wait to get it back and I’m very happy to know that it’s still in good condition. I’m not trying to push Canon products but they make great gear that can take a beating. I just don’t encourage it.

While I was in the shop I noticed that they sold used lenses. I don’t NEED anything but I had been thinking about getting a new macro lens to get up close and shoot the fine details of food and pretty much anything else. Well just my luck, they had a 100mm Macro 2.8 Canon lens for a very good price. The lens’ auto focus wasn’t functioning anymore and needed about $300 in repairs to fix the auto focus. When shooting with a macro lens though, you really don’t need the auto focus as much because you really need to fine tune your focusing point for every shot. So I bought it!

So I’m looking at my situation; not a mistake but a learning experience. Always make sure to attach your lenses correctly, always check your local camera repair shops first, and stick around long enough to see what’s for sale…

So I got a new toy!!! Here are the first two photos I need some practice but they’re still cool.

Project 365 #45 - Macro Photo of Ozzy's face

Project 365 #45 - Macro Photo of Ozzy's face

Kathryn's eye - Macro photography

Kathryn's eye - Macro photography.


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