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The Bumpasaurus is back!

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Baby got back! What do those words conjure for you? Scantily-clad women with large round… well you know. Well for me it takes me back to when My Posse’s on Broadway was bumpin’ in my tape deck. Not an mp3, not a Napster download, or even CD, I meant cassette tape.

I was born and raised in Yakima, WA. Far from L.A. and New York, or the usual places rap music came from. So the first time I heard a rapper by the name of Sir Mix-A-Lot, a rapper from Washington State at that, I had to listen; and he was good! Sir Mix-A-Lot really put Seattle music on the map for ME. Yeah there’s Jimi Hendrix and many others before him but for me it was Sir Mix-A-Lot. I mean Baby Got Back has been everywhere from background music in high school dance routines, Cameron Diaz shook her booty to it on Charlie’s Angels, and even made it onto the tv show Friends. Mix is Big! And he’s back!

That brings me to the other part of this story. A little over six years ago I moved to the Seattle area to start a career in web design. I moved here on new year’s day. #1 – It’s not the best day to get up early and move heavy boxes and furniture. #2 – I had to find the closest ski resort to go riding since it was pretty much mid-season and I missed my beloved White Pass.  I ended up going to Stevens Pass for two reasons great snowfall and the mountain itself looked sick!  The photos on their website really made you wanna ride there.

I’d been into photography for a few years by then.  Not professionally, mostly just snapshots of friends and family.  But I love stills, moments frozen in time; as cheesy as that sounds.  I will stop and stare at pictures anywhere.  My wife loses in places like the airport because I get distracted by pictures.  I haven’t yet but someday I’d like to post the photo that really made me want to do this as more than a hobby.  It’s not inappropriate or anything but it’s just not the right time.  I’ve already over-hyped it by saying that.

That brings me back to the Stevens Pass photos.  I had to find out who took them or what agency made their site so I could find this photographer’s portfolio.  It was cool to hear that it was a local photographer. A guy by the name of Chase Jarvis.  He may have been big in photography circles by then but I had never heard of him.  I just knew  that I liked his work and would like to do something similar someday.  I’ve revisiting his site and reading his blog ever since.  I’m a Chase Jarvis groupie.  I know that sounds creepy but there are many of us.  Scott if you’re reading this, you’re one too and you know it.  By groupie I really just mean that I follow and have learned a lot from the Chase Jarvis team.  Their workflow, photography style, and the philosophy of sharing your photos and giving back.

When Facebook came along it made it easier to follow people and share photos.  Then the iPhone came around which made Facebooking and taking pictures easier.  Then came the Best Camera app was created which made taking pictures, simple post production, and sharing photos easier than ever.  There’s a photo app for everything from grungy borders to the Hipstamatic look.  Now the iPad is helping us share in ways we never could before.  All the while Chase Jarvis was pushing the industry by blogging about behind the scenes workflow, printing the first all iPhone photography book “The Best Camera Is the One That’s With You™” to testing the first ever DSLR that shot video.

This past Wednesday, Chase interviewed Sir Mix-A-Lot about his life, the music industry, and what the future holds for Mix.  This was all done LIVE on Chase’s site.  That’s where we are today; anyone can write,  broadcast, or share just about anything online; for very cheap, if not free.

During the LIVE interview Chase also shot the cover for Sir Mix-A-Lot’s upcoming album while also taking questions from viewers on Twitter.  I was lucky enough to Tweet a quote by Sir Mix A-Lot which won me an autographed Polaroid by both Chase and Sir Mix-A-Lot.  What???  That’s sick!  Who would’ve ever thought that I would own a very limited edition Chase Jarvis photo of Sir Mix-A-Lot without paying an arm and a leg.  I love the internet!!

Here’s the Polaroid I won.


Sir Mix-A-Lot by Chase Jarvis

Sir Mix-A-Lot by Chase Jarvis

I’d like to thank the team at Chase Jarvis Inc. for putting on the show and helping to push photographers and our industry.  Oh yeah, your studio is sick.  The large prints on the wall stop you in your tracks.